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How to Find Japanese Audiobooks Online


  • Buy them from Audible Japan or
    • [Audible (オーディブル):本は、聴こう。|ボイスブック・オーディオブック配信・サービス|]
    • [忙しいあなたも、耳は意外とヒマしてる –]
      • BTW, I strongly recommend over Audible if only because Audible Japan is still maturing as a service. Audible is just growing pains galore and many dumb, byzantine rules — like that you have to not only have Japanese plastic (dumb, but fair enough) but remove all overseas plastic, expired or otherwise, from your Amazon Japan account (playa, what?). Literally, I kid you not, they seem more interested in their rules than in making money; it’s almost like dealing with a comically intricate government bureaucracy; like, I still buy books there, but do so shibushibu (grudgingly and almost under duress lol).
  • Search for “ラジオドラマ” (radio drama, radio plays) on YouTube: [ラジオドラマ – YouTube]

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