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How To Hate Correctly

Negative generalizations are — hating groups is — always counterproductive. Have you met every Japanese person alive? Did they all react to you the same?

Here’s how you hate:

  • Love groups.
  • Hate individuals.

Don’t spread your hate around. Focus it on specific individuals, specific encounters, specific situations. Don’t dilute it. Concentrate it. Give it out in private lessons. One on one. Individually. Don’t generalize it. That’s maladaptive. 1

In nature, one bad experience with one tiger-shaped object leads to a negative generalization. This is good. In social life, one bad experience with one person of one nationality should not lead you to make a generalization — there are just too many people. Nature runs according to harder, more rigid rules, and so it behooves us to behave more conservatively when dealing directly and exclusively with nature. To use a computing metaphor, nature is hardware; society, culture — social life — is software, more or less. You can get a new social life much more easily than you can get a new natural life.

Look, I am as misanthropic that they come, but you’ve got to collect bigger data samples — a lot more — before you come to sweeping conclusions about women, minorities, majorities or anything in-between, that is, any group of humans with N > 1.

If there were 7 billion cups of coffee right outside your house, and one or two smelled of poop, would that lead you to conclude that all coffee tastes like poop wait scratch that I hate coffee and it does all taste like poop (smells awesome though). Anyway! You get my point.

Hating people is like eating junk food — it feels good now, but it rots you from the inside.

Hate persons. Learn their names and hate them; hate with intensity and specificity; hate like a laser, not a flashlight. And if you don’t know both their names, then don’t bother hating them (take the fact of not knowing a person’s full name — surname and given name(s) — as a sign that they’re not connected enough to you to be worth hating).

Don’t hate “them”. Love them. Hate him. Hate her. Hate persons. Love people 🙂 .


  1. Now, a lot of people will go around telling you not to hate anyone at all. This is also maladaptive. It is a very bad idea that will not help you; in fact, I’d argue it’ll get you robbed, raped and/or killed, just like the character who was its most famous supposed proponent. You should hate bad ideas. You should hate bad places.

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  1. Julian
    October 25, 2018 at 17:41

    Awesome post

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