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Immersion Hack: How To Easily and Reliably Find L2 YouTube Videos That You Will Actually Love

The thing about the things you and I love is that they are very specific. Like, sure, I love science fiction and pretty-but-weird girls, but simply typing “science fiction” into YouTube is not, I think, the path to getting at things you love. That type of vaguery is like going to a Starbucks and asking for “a hot drink”. Except worse (lol), because YouTube options run into the billions where there are, at most, 20-40 base options at any given coffee shop.

OK, so, without much further ado, here’s the hack:

  1. Get a list of your favorite L1 or L2 books. If in doubt, look at your Amazon purchase history or Kindle Library. Or just look on your bookshelf, if you own paper books. The books you own and/or have paid money for are the most honest expression of your true interests. We don’t always put our money where our mouth is, but wherever our heart is, that’s where our money is.
  2. For the L1 books, find the L2 titles. For the L2 books, just go with whatcha already got.
    • Example L1 book: [ The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind (9780307473349): Michio Kaku: Books]
    • Example L2 title: “2050科幻大成真:超能力、心智控制、人造記憶、遺忘藥丸、奈米機器人,即將改變我們的世界 The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind” [博客來-2050科幻大成真:超能力、心智控制、人造記憶、遺忘藥丸、奈米機器人,即將改變我們的世界]
    • Example L2 book: “全部的你:跳出局限,擁抱生命無限的可能(增訂版)” [博客來-全部的你:跳出局限,擁抱生命無限的可能(增訂版)]
  3. Type said titles (or, if they’re unique enough and you’re feeling adventurous, the names of their authors) into the YouTube search box.
    • Protip: Generally speaking, you’re best off searching for a book’s title but minus its subtitle (so, the stuff after the colon, right?). My feeling is that this goes without saying, but you never know. Not everybody automatically has the same level of Google-fu 1.
  4. ???
  5. Profit and enjoy!
    • BTW, this hack also works for movies. The idea isn’t necessarily that you will find dubs or rips of your favorite movies, but that, as with books, you will find review videos and related content. And that (in many ways) is even better than simply finding the raw, original content. Metacontent will teach how to discuss and explain the content you love (and, by extension, anything else you want to discuss or explain).
    • Also, since we mentioned food (well, Starbucks), searching the L2 names of your favorite foods and drinks (again with great specificity) will likely bring up some recipe and review vids, which are almost always awesome 😛 .


  1. “Skill in using search engines (especially Google) to quickly find useful information on the Internet.” [Google-fu – Wiktionary]
  2. 10.2 points for Primer reference (lol) [Amazon | プライマー [DVD] | 映画]

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