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[Immersion] Why You Should Stop Trying to Control or Measure Time

Stop trying to control and measure time.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love (and use) timeboxing. But that’s almost more about controlling the self and forcing out perfectionism than it is about controlling time; time is, in the context of timeboxing, the perfect cross-platform tool for managing the situation.

But here’s why you should stop trying to control and measure time, especially in long-term, open-ended, immersion contexts.

Because space is easier.

Way easier.

It’s much easier to control space than to control time.
Another name for local space is “environment”.

Control your space. Control what sounds (spoken language) and images (written script) are allowed to predominate in the physical and semi-physical (virtual/software) spaces of your life.

Control your space and you shall automatically control your time.

Because screw counting immersion hours. That’s way too much trouble right now. Maybe technology will change that. But as Juba in “Gladiator” said: not yet…not yet.

  2 comments for “[Immersion] Why You Should Stop Trying to Control or Measure Time

  1. juxz90
    May 9, 2014 at 16:08

    No nonsense, as always. I pretty much appreciate it

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