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KhatzuMemo Update — Item Warning, Swap QA et. al

Nations of the world, lift up your heads! For KhatzuMemo has been updated. These are the new features:

  • Edit Item Fix
    My webhost recently upgraded to a newer version of PHP, and so some of the code involved with page transitions had to be updated. You may have noticed that you were enable to edit items from a question or answer page. That has now been fixed.
  • Item Warning
    By design, an SRS shows you items on which your performance is weaker, more frequently. But sometimes your performance on an item is so bad, that it’s actually just wasting your time; this usually happens when you’ve added an item that is too long, too complex, or not well thought out enough (remember that an SRS is not a substitute for learning or memory techniques, it’ll help you to not forget, but only if you’ve gotten — remembered — the item in the first place). Such items are called “leeches” in SuperMemo terminology. In KhatzuMemo you now get a warning about them, and some suggestions as to what to do [delete or rethink].
  • Number of Repetitions/Retention Calculation
    …is now more accurate than it was before; it’s now calculated directly rather than indirectly.
  • Repetition History
    This is a behind-the-scenes thing that won’t really come to light until more detailed item statistics are being displayed, but, the repetition history is now being kept to a higher accuracy (date and time) than it was previously (date only).
  • Swap Question/Answer
    This is just a little feature that lets you switch the question/answer fields without going through the trouble of going to the Edit page. Note that it is an editing feature rather than a display feature. I’m not so sure about adding it, so if it turns out to be less than useful I may scrap it :).
  • Longer, thicker, harder! 30% Less Fat!
  • Et cetera!

  1 comment for “KhatzuMemo Update — Item Warning, Swap QA et. al

  1. Medialis
    July 8, 2008 at 01:39

    Hi Khatzumoto!

    A thought about using KhatzuMemo on one’s cellphone. Isn’t that super expensive? Or is there perhaps a way to use the web-app offline?

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