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Korean-Accented Japanese is So Cute :)

Korean-accented Japanese #cute

Fernando Ramos ‏@HelloNavi:

@ajatt I swear that she’s gotta be putting that on. So many Koreans I meet have such clear Japanese..

Khatzumoto @ajatt:

@HelloNavi Good point. It certainly makes the product more exotic. Gaijin wedding chaplains know the score there 🙂 . You’re in Japan; you’re Japanese; you want new and fresh and out there; K-Pop is hot; K-dramas are hot; you want beauty and slimming secrets from Korean models from Korea, not from…Saitama (=New Jersey to Tokyo’s New York) or Chiba (=Connecticut).

Many of the Japanese-speaking Koreans (actual Koreans, not ethnic Koreans) I’ve met also sound flawless. But not the consular staff at the Korean Embassy in Tokyo; they had thick accents that were really cute. Also, faces that were really cute.

  3 comments for “Korean-Accented Japanese is So Cute :)

  1. June 12, 2012 at 08:48

    Japanese with a Korean accent is quite interesting. Korean with a Japanese accent is also quite interesting. It’s not always cute, though.

    I saw a ‘내 아내의 모든 것’ in the theaters the other week. At the beginning of the movie they were in Japan. Obviously the actors’ Japanese was about as good as Jim Carey’s Korean. However, I didn’t think their Japanese was very cute at all.  

    About the beauty tips, if you come to Korea, you might notice many girls looking at mirrors in coffee shops (or anywhere) whereas when I went to Japan, I saw many girls(and guys) reading books in coffee shops. This obsession with beauty in Korea kinda creeps me out. 

  2. あんど
    June 12, 2012 at 20:41

    May I also submit for your recommendation Thai-accented Japanese. ///

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