LinkMixer: A Tool for Finding Good Immersion Material on the Fly

This seemed cool and random…

Ghost in the Shell in Cantonese: [【720P/粵語】攻殼機動隊:新劇場版【無字幕】_嗶哩嗶哩 (゜-゜)つロ 乾杯~-bilibili]

You can also buy DVDs of it from YesAsia: [YESASIA: “ghost in the shell” 搜尋結果 – 動畫 – – 北美網站]

And it all came thanks to this little tool: (The Link Mixer)

If I were you (which, admittedly, I amn’t, but, to paraphrase the great OJ Simpson, IF I WERE) I would definitely save that LinkMixer link to the home screen of your smartphone. Right front and centre. All prominent-like. It’s amazing what putting things a click away — making them convenient — does.

Convenience is, after all, destiny.

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