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Mandarin Mini-Transcript: Memorable Quotes From Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

So, apparently, a Batman movie came out last year and it was a big deal? Haha. No, I watched it and loved it. I wish Christopher Nolan were in charge of the recent Marvel Comics movies as well, because he did such a great jerb.

Growing up, iconoclastic as they were, I always preferred Marvel heroes to the DC ones (and the Brian Singer X-Men movies were great). But between the Chris Bale Batmans and (judging by the trailers) the new Superman/Man of Steel, DC are clearly winning hands down at the movies.

And, to be fair to DC, they were smart enough to have both Frank Miller and Alan Moore working with them in the 1980s, so… 1

For me personally, Nolan’s work stands as art that is intellectually satisfying to my putatively 2 adult mind, as well as being entertaining and just infinitely rewatchable; I watch Inception in Mandarin for fun about once a month. I also read that he brings in his projects on time and under budget so…yeah…smiles all around.

Anyway, this Batman movie had some good lines, so I transcribed some of them for your upliftment, edification and educational use.

You’ll note that I haven’t bothered put down the character names next to the lines because, honestly, I can’t be bothered and what really counts is that you have the words. It adds a lot of extra work without adding concomitant value. You like the new, lazy me, don’tcha? Yes, you do! 😛 Also, no sound clips this time. Again, laziness. Maybe when I get a Mandarin research assistant that’ll change.

Use a tool like MDBG dictionary or MoeDict to get the (character) readings and translations of words as necessary.

That depends.
On what?

This isn’t a car.

Who are you?
It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is our plan.
Lit: It doesn’t matter who I am.

Why didn’t you just…kill me?
You don’t fear death; you welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe.
Yes. But not of your body. Of your soul.
Where am I?
Home. Where I learned the truth about despair. As will you.
得 děiㄉㄟˇ 副 應該、必須、需要。 如:「你總得讓我把話說完。」

About the whole no-guns thing…? I’m not sure I feel as strongly about it as you do.

Where is it? Where’s your trigger? Where is it?! Where is it?! Tell me where the trigger is. Then…you have my permission to die.
引爆器 = detonator

So, you came back to die with your city.
No. I came back to stop you.

You’ve given them everything!
Not everything. Not yet.

Sorry to keep letting you down.

I like your girlfriend, Mr. Wayne.

Fear is why you fail.

Still don’t trust me, huh?

I had to find a way to stop them trying to kill me!
You made a serious mistake.

You made a serious mistake.
Not as serious as yours, I fear.

I had to find a way to stop them trying to kill me!
You made a serious mistake.
Not as serious as yours, I fear.
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  1. I’m trying to avoid being mean to Marvel here, because:
    (0) they broke great ground back in the 1970s after some two decades of art-crushing self-censorship in American comics,
    (1) I don’t like when people are mean about my work, and
    (2) cruelty isn’t very constructive,
    but…I actually walked out of the theater in the middle of Iron Man 3 and went out for a stroll in the countryside, leaving my friends to enjoy their IMAX experience without me. A walk in the Kanagawa countryside was stimulating and interesting. Would that I could say the same about Iron Man and The Avengers. I mean, dayom. It is with no pleasure that I point out that they were unpleasantly and surprisingly shoddy movies made by and with people who can do better.
  2. I hope I’m using this word right…I mostly included it here to look smart

  5 comments for “Mandarin Mini-Transcript: Memorable Quotes From Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. May 16, 2013 at 10:00

    That’s really cool stuff. Although I feel like the only person in existence who’s never seen that movie haha

  2. Hetingson
    May 17, 2013 at 00:30

    For people learning Mandarin or Cantonese, a cool trick I learned when learning a language is going to imdb and sorting movies by number of votes in that language.
    Here I sorted the movies in Mandarin:
    To find your language of choice just go to
    Click on the language, then to see more movies and you will be set for life.
    EDIT: Spelling

  3. Matt Bonder
    May 18, 2013 at 10:09


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