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The Moë Sentence Pack 2013 Edition: Reserve Yours Now

Update 1/25: The Moë Sentence Pack Early Reservation List is now full. No new entries will be accepted.

Once a year, for brief moment, a legend awakens and flies into the eyes and loins of a chosen few.

Cunning linguistics literally has a name and it is: The Moë Sentence Pack.
This is not that kind of website. But, yes, the MoëSP is that kind of sentence pack.

This year, for a brief time only, she comes to you in an brand new edition with all kinds of sweet extensions and freebies attached, drenched in awesome sauce and looking at you with bedroom eyes.

That’s right, it only comes out once a year. In 2011 only long-time AJATT Plusers could get at it. In 2012 it was only available for sale on Valentine’s Day itself. And this year…(get this)…

If you sign up on the early reservation list ↓ before January 25 1, then you’ll get yourself a Super Secret Surprise Bonus Freebie in addition to your purchase of the Moë Sentence Pack and its already-ludicrously-amazing freebies when you buy yours. What’s in the Super Secret Surprise Bonus Freebie?

Well, it’s a surprise…




No, really, though 🙂 . Register here ↓ .

Offer not valid outside of Sol system. Batteries not included. Khatzumoto, AJATT, its partners and affiliates cannot be held responsible for the wanton sexiness of the Moë Sentence Pack. Must be over 18 (21 in some juris-my-dictions) to purchase and view. Void where sexiness is prohibited.


  1. PS: If the reservation list gets too long, then the January 25 deadline may be preponed (i.e. opposite of postponed i.e. brought forward) by a few days, so…yeah…Consider yourself warned 😛

  3 comments for “The Moë Sentence Pack 2013 Edition: Reserve Yours Now

  1. January 20, 2013 at 19:14

    Hi wow!
    I would like to register, how do i do it though?


    • January 20, 2013 at 20:34

      Stupid me…

      I was reading in an RSS feed. There’s a box there to fill out I see

  2. 魔法少女☆かなたん
    January 22, 2013 at 13:45

    Are you still calling it the “Moe” sentence pack? Because if I remember correctly, it’s not exactly “moe”.

    … if you know what I mean.
    … so to speak.
    Or at least … that’s what she said.

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