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OMG: A Public Service Announcement from Captain Obvious

This entry is part 2 of 26 in the series Timeboxing Trilogy
Finally started using Siri to make entropy bombs and it is the bomb diggity. It is the bomb of all diggities. It is the giggedy of diggities. Especially when you need to keep your hands free, like when you’re doing this: [ トイレ掃除: 本]
As much as it embarrasses me to admit, it literally didn’t occur to me to use voice assistants this way until I saw someone do it (largely unsuccessfully) using their Google home voice thingy. Heaven only nows how many Dretec T-135 timers had to be made to satisfy me.
Seriously, though — what will they think of next? Perhaps a global network of computers that allows us to call people across the world for free?!
Naah, you’re right…I should…I should stop dreaming 🙂 .
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