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           "If we really want to prepare our children for the future, then learning needs to become addictive."
Peter Diamandis/Steven Kotler
Authors, "Abundance"

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Why Don’t You Learn Like You Eat?

March 15, 2014

The point of eating food is not simply to get full. The point of learning a language is not simply to memorize a really big vocabulary, or even to get good at the language. Well, unfortunately, it is for most people. But there’s a Japanese aphorism (don’t act like you didn’t see that coming) that perfectly encapsulates the optimal...

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Why Do You Keep Spending Your Time Doing Things So You Can Have Fun Instead of Just Doing Fun Things?

March 10, 2014

So, big Ayn Rand fan here. Big. Bulbous. I’ve worn out many a pillow fantasizing over that woman. No, seriously, though, I just got done reading a couple of the new Ayn Rand bios that came out…what…the other year? And it struck me how interesting it was that her philosophy came to be embodied in an organization — a...

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IMX French Is Out! Also: A New Secret Japanese Version

March 5, 2014

Go here for more details.

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Will Laddering Work Even With Highly Dissimilar Languages?

March 5, 2014

Thus spake Aki Khatz!! I have a question regarding this as a person starting their 3rd language. I’m a native English speaker, and in 2 years I became fluent in Japanese (whether speaking/reading/writing/listening). I’ve started Spanish using English again as my base language. Now, I’d love to use Japanese as my base language, however it seems (from what I...

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Why Do You Keep Asking For Advice From People Who Have No Business Giving It?

February 28, 2014

Here’s a couple of life tips for ya. Free of charge. Don’t ask non-thin people how to get thin. Don’t ask non-rich people how to get rich. Don’t ask illiterate people how to learn to read. Because they will give you advice and it will suck. It’s always flattering to be asked for advice and few can resist the...

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Why Are You Still Trying To Learn from Your Mistakes?

February 25, 2014

Failure has nothing to teach you. Don’t learn from your mistakes. There is one and only one bit of useful, reliable information you can safely glean from failure: “that didn’t work”. Which is wonderful, because now you know to consider maybe not doing that any more. But that’s all you get in terms of valuable, actionable, safe information. Nothing...

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