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Why Does AJATT Plus Cost Money? What Happened To Love Of the People?

April 12, 2010
Why Does AJATT Plus Cost Money? What Happened To Love Of the People?

First off, I’d like to thank the many people who’ve been so supportive of AJATT throughout its existence, both in wallet and spirit. You’ve been very kind; you’ve made it both psychologically and economically possible for me to write. It is because of you that this website exists and continues to exist. Why Does AJATT Plus Cost Money? What...

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Language-Learning As Gun Violence: Frequency and Quantity

April 4, 2010

Think of your L2 as a hail of bullets. You get “shot” by exposing yourself to media — by putting yourself in the path of the bullets. (Un?)fortunately, your brain, by way of the forgetting mechanism, is able to “heal” itself, erasing the effects of the bullets. As it turns out, though, your brain is not an invincible healer....

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Japanese Music Recommendations from AJATTeers

March 31, 2010

Comments have a way of getting lost here in the vastness of AJATTistan. So, for purposes of future referential convenience, here are some comprehensive music recommendations from recent comments by AJATTeers.

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Lazy Kanji Cards: An AJATTeer Shares A Personal Status Report

March 30, 2010

Jimmy L. is a member of that proudest, most handsome breed of human beings: AJATTeers. This proud, handsome man recently sent me an email wherein he shares a sitrep (situation report) on his progress with the lazy kanji card format we discussed a short time ago. Jimmy isn’t just good-looking. He’s also blindingly insightful. He has put his finger on something...

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世界読書コンクール/International L2 Reading Contest

March 26, 2010

Hey Team. Today’s is a guest post by Maya, whom you may know as one of AJATT’s most prolific contributors of sweet links of the “reliving childhood joy” variety. Recently, she’s also enjoyed great SRS success with extensive one-by-one deletion of crappy cards. Anyway, the being known as Maya has now graduated from simply being a good-looking Japanese learner...

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Learning Songs Using the SRS: My Current Method

March 24, 2010

Just by way of sharing concrete tactics (rather than, I guess, the abstract strategy I usually share (?)), I thought I’d write about how I learn songs using the SRS. Keep in mind that this is just what I do right now. Yes, I am the Great Khatzumoto, but you know what? Really I’m just a 27-year-old boy who...

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