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[Random Linkage] Japanese, Chinese and Other Versions of “Black and Yellow”

This entry is part of 6 in the series Random Linkage

In no particular order:

  • [(171) Black & Yellow (The Red & White Remix) Aka赤/Shiro白 by Kojoe – YouTube]
  • [(171) Black and Yellow Sketch | Hidamari Sketch × Wiz Khalifa – YouTube]
  • [(171) LOVER/JAPANESE YELLOW (wiz khalifa/Black And Yellow REMIX) – YouTube]
  • [(171) Black and Yellow- Wiz Khalifa Cantonese Chinese cover (AhG) – YouTube]
  • [(171) Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow – AFRICAN REMIX!!! – YouTube]
  • [(171) D Pryde Blue & Purple – (Official Video) – YouTube]
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