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Shout-Out To The Best News Site of All Time (Japanese Edition)

Shout-out to my favorite news site of all time (it shares the top spot with GNN, but GNN is in English, so, yeah). It’s almost all tech and no politics, so you’ll grow your brain with science and wonder rather than rot it with fear and acrimony.


Honorable mention to:

  • Slashdot Japan — a little…how can I put this politely…there’s a lot of smart and knowledgeable but rude and pedantic people here lol. [スラド — アレゲなニュースと雑談サイト]
  • Go-go gadgets unnecessary! 😀 [Engadget Japan 日本版 : 最新ガジェットと家電、テクノロジーのニュースとレビュー]
    Always awesome with the human interest stories; lots of pics: [RABAKYU|らばQ]

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