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Suffering SilverSpooners Speak Out

Here’s the latest blog chatter, written at gunpoint by actual, current SilverSpooners. Getting royally rogered by the greasy, greedy appendages of Kenyan capitalism 1 apparently does wonders for penmanship. Just sayin’.

  • The Spoon That Feeds: SilverSpooner Ramblings
    • “when I came across Silverspoon, it opened my eyes to a new way of learning.  My most precious commodity is time.  So when I learned I could pass my planning time off to somebody else and just focus on learning, I was intrigued.”
  • tanoshimini | blog of a japanese fanatic
    • Matt has been a SilverSpooner since more or less the very beginning and has blogged about his experience in great detail. He is also very handsome.
  • Zyaga
    • “It’s everything Khatz has always taught. However, he is there to tell you to do it each and every day…for me, it’s worth every penny.”
  • The Zen of Language Learning
    • SilverSpoon is exactly what its title suggests. It spoon-feeds you step-by-step till you reach fluency in Japanese…You don’t have to maintain your learning by yourself, you don’t have to spend hours searching for material and you don’t have to think about what to do next to reach Japanese fluency. In other words, it is a fuss-free, brainless and pain-free way to acquire Japanese. To put it in nine words: ‘it’s a marvellous creation for lazy people like me’.”



  1. Is there any other kind? Hehehehehehehe… 😛

  1 comment for “Suffering SilverSpooners Speak Out

  1. August 6, 2011 at 13:28

    What I love most about AJATT SilverSpoon is the advertisements!! xD

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