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Surusu: Update and Announcement, Or “When Backups Back Up”

Thank you for using Surusu.

As you may be aware, Surusu has up until now had periodic 15~20-minute service interruptions while backups are taken.

Wanting to eliminate the need to interrupt service in order to take a backup, today I started working with a “live backup” solution.

Unfortunately and quite ironically, this “live backup” solution led to the loss of the very user data — yours and mine — that it was intended to protect.

Fortunately, I had taken a full, “normal” backup just one week ago.
It has become necessary to restore this week-old backup.
As a result, one week’s worth of entered cards [anything entered between September 12 and September 20 (Japan time)] have been lost, and may not be recoverable. Repetition data has also been reset to September 12 status, although this does not represent a significant problem since it will just mean extra review.

Your time and data are valuable.
I apologize deeply for the inconvenience.
I shall continue to work to find stable, sustainable ways to ensure the integrity of the system.
For now, that may mean the occasional 15~20 minute service interruption while a very pedestrian backup is taken.

The Good News

The Surusu interface has been updated extensively for even more pleasant use. There have also been dozens of back-end fixes. Notably, the sporadic problem with “Extra Reps” processing not going through, has been repaired.

Thank you again for using Surusu.

Best regards,


[P.S.]: Will This Sort of Thing Happen Again?


This was the first Surusu data loss incident of any kind in all its nearly 4 years of operation. And the fault was ultimately human error — mine. At the time, I was in a rush to get cool new stuff working “invisibly”, with minimum inconvenience to everyone else.

The webhost/server is one of the best out there…the database system is stable…the programmer was in too much of a hurry 😀 . A deliberate pace and simple safety checks, as has been the usual policy, can and will prevent all loss of this kind.

The immediate short-term direction is more frequent backups. Beyond that, adding functionality so we can all download and back-up our data locally is a high priority, something I want to add as soon as possible.

So, both as a user and a programmer…I’ll do my very best and more. Your concern is completely warranted, and I feel your pain — my data, all 25000 odd cards and  nearly 100000 reps — are in there, too 😀 .

Deepest apologies again for the inconvenience 🙂 .

  4 comments for “Surusu: Update and Announcement, Or “When Backups Back Up”

  1. Isaac
    September 21, 2009 at 08:24

    Nice to see it was only 1 week lost. I’m gonna spend the day trying to remember my stories I made this week. I guess it will be a good review :/

    I feel bad for people who add more than 10 a day. ><;;

  2. Philip
    September 22, 2009 at 05:31


    Yeah, I lost about 125+ right there. Good thing I have a day off today to plug everything back in.

  3. uked
    September 22, 2009 at 06:49

    lost 150, but well….
    i’m just scared that it could happen again ><

  4. mike
    September 23, 2009 at 12:55

    so will the ability to save data locally also allow for data to be added locally and uploaded? i’d love to be able to do my stories in notepad or excel and then upload them in one chunk rather than entering them 1 by 1…

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