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Surusu Update: Card/Rep Duplication Issue Resolved (Probably :D )


So, the recent speed increases and extra asynchronous processing in Surusu had caused a sort of “race condition” in the system, as a result of which basically you would occasionally get duplicate reps (cards) when you weren’t supposed to — you’d be shown a card that you’d only just repped that ya shoulda been done with, i.e. too soon, i.e. not spacing your reps! 😀

This duplication business became especially apparent (which is to say, probable) as you came to the bottom of your deck for the day…

Anyway, this issue should now be fixed. Implemented a patch for it. Give things a whirl and let me know how it goes either here or (better yet) directly through the Surusu hotline. Hotline’s better 😉 .

Oh, and tell your Mom hi 😀


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