Surusu Update: MCDs/Cloze Deletions: Eurogram and Manual Mode Merged + WAV Support

“Eurogram” mode and “Manual mode” have been merged into one, so now it’s all just called “manual” mode. All the features that were part of “Eurogram” mode are now part of manual mode as well.

  • Default = Normal = Manual mode: Creates the only cloze deletions you explicitly specify (separated by whitespace) in the clozetexts box, with some optimizations for definite/indefinite articles and verb endings as are commonly found in European languages.
    • Example: Clozetexts box input 1 “and you are not it” results in up to 5 cards, of clozetexts “and”, “you”, “are”, “not” and “it” respectively.

Oh, also, while we’re at it — Surusu multimedia now supports WAV files as well, in addition to OGG and MP3. Don’t say I never did nothin’ for the peoples 😛 .


  1. i.e. “base clozetext”

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