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Surusu Update: New Pattern Matching Feature

Brothers and sisters, rejoice in the name of Surusu! For a new feature is upon us, and her name shall be called wonderful pattern matching! And the government of cards shall be upon her shoulders.

Pattern match is a new extension to the “skew” option. What it allows you to do is specify that you be preferentially shown cards matching a search term of your choice, i.e. containing a piece of text — a “search pattern” — that you specify. That was a very parenthetic explanation, but hopefully you get the idea 😀 . Provided matches exist,  your choice of pattern will be enforced in addition to any card age and rep status you specify using the basic skew functionality.

In other words, no more dutifully repping around, hoping that Surusu will show you those cards that you added that one time and have been waiting to see in reps. Now you can TELL Surusu what those cards were (what they contained) and make Surusu get them for you and show them to you. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a very specific type of card; Surusu can give it to you.

Perhaps you’re learning the lyrics of song. Now (assuming, for example, all your cards for that song contain its title), you can do reps exclusively on cards for that song, uninterrupted by the other dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of other cards that happen to be due today.

Of course, this goes without saying, which is why I’m going to say it anyway, but, as it stands right now, the pattern matching function does not manipulate or otherwise overrule rep scheduling — it will only show you matching cards that are due for a rep right now (and that are in the deck you’re working on right now).

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