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Surusu Update: Rep speed up, Import items fix, Saving “Retain data”

And it came to pass that Surusu pursued after improved functionality, and it did add and improve many features, and it did pwn both n00bs and hax0rs, and it was good.

New in this update:

  • Rep speed: Speed when doing repetitions has been increased by shortening/contracting messages, reducing the number of page transitions and removing unnecessary data — to name but a few of the improvements. But a few.
  • Import items fix: During the transition from KhatzuMemo to Surusu, the ability to import items was…anyway, it’s fixed now.
  • Retain data: The “retain data” option now has a “memory”.
  • Other minor changes: Et cetera!

Yea, verily, there went a love of Surusu throughout all the Internet…

Feedback, questions, comments, problems = always_welcome. Please use the following email address: help at surusu dot com

  2 comments for “Surusu Update: Rep speed up, Import items fix, Saving “Retain data”

  1. Satoshi
    May 3, 2009 at 13:46

    As always, love ya Khatz.

    Much better now…

    Don’t fret, though, I’ll complain right away the minute anything happens that ore-sama here dislikes.


  2. Storm-Wolf
    May 4, 2009 at 11:29

    There is something i wanted to say/ask:

    Will you, consider relooking Surusu anytime soon (with some css )?
    I think a very few lines would do the trick and would litterally metamorphose the whole
    thing. It would be much more pleasant to use.

    Just a couple of lines so the tables would look super neat. Another few lines would make the rest look super nice too. This would make users super happy.

    I also think this would result in an awesome Effort/result ratio.

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