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The Art of the War of Learning Languages: Sun Tzu on Immersion

This entry is part 15 of 17 in the series The Art of War of Learning

One who moves to the country with his playlist first and with his body second is at ease.
One who moves to the country first and then tries to learn the language is at labour.
Thus, one skilled at learning languages summons the language to themselves, and is not summoned by it.

One skilled at learning languages seeks it in immersion and does not demand it of people.
Thus one can dispense with people and employ immersion.

The ultimate in giving form to learning methods is formlessness.
The form of the learning method is like water.
Water in its movement avoids the high and hastens to the low.
The victorious learning method avoids the difficult and strikes the easy.

To be able to transform with the terrain is what is meant by “spiritlike”.
The terrain comprises matter, energy, space and time.
Of the four seasons, none has constant rank.
The suns shines short and long.
The moon dies and lives. 1

Many thanks to the Denma Translation Group 🙂
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  1. Don’t do SRS reps when driving. Don’t read when sleepy.

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