The Great Email Reset of 2012

Hey. Nice shirt. You look well.

So, in case you haven’t heard, this is how it went down.

Back in October, things got a little crazy what with the Neutrino rollout and all (not to mention them hookers and blow). Looking back, the signs had been there for a while. Basically, a straw was placed and the back of the camel was broken: the volume of email here at AJATT finally reached the point where I was physically unable to handle it. Stuff was falling through the cracks like crazy (blame hastily-cobbled-together forwarding and spam filters for that) and it was just…yeah.

Anyway, I didn’t come here to whine and cheese you; I can do that on a normal post.

I came here to announce to you the unveiling of a new support system for AJATT. It’s the AJATT Support Ticket system. The SupTic (yeah, gross, huh?) That’s right, playa. You get:

  • A clear, easy-to-use interface
  • Less confusion
  • Better tracking — no more wondering if your email got to me
  • Shorter wait times for responses
    • Assuming you get  a response…hehehehehehehe….no, but really, though…if it’s like a product issue…you’ll get a response. If it’s  a question about what kanjis are…maybe not.
  • ↑Those are about the only immediate benefits I can think of right now!

So that’s what’s news. Oh yeah — in order to make a clean break, I am also calling an email reset. This means that if you contacted me on or before October 1, for any reason, consider your email non-existent. I’m really, really sorry about that, and wish I could be a manlier for you there. But thank you for understanding. Anyway yeah, please resubmit your request using the new system.

  1 comment for “The Great Email Reset of 2012

  1. November 15, 2012 at 04:39

    “Shorter wait times for responses” – I dunno Khatz, this implies you respond 😛

    ..nah I’m sure you do promptly for the premium users, and the everyday folk that really need a talking to 🙂

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