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The Little Red Dao of AJATT: Classic Edition

What is The Little Red Dao of AJATT (LARD): Classic Edition?

  • Every major AJATT post, from 2006 to 2010, almost half a decade’s worth of insight and excellence…
  • …Condensed to 5 or fewer bullet points per post
  • In an electronic book (save the people’s forests!)
  • I like to call it “LARD” for short.
  • ‘Nuff said.

So a summary of AJATT. I thought that’s what the QRG was about?

Not quite.

  • The QRG is like a video game strategy guide. Not a summary.
  • The QRG is entirely about the how. Nuts and bolts. It’s a quickstart action guide.
  • The Little Red Dao of AJATT (LARD) is the executive summary.
  • LARD Classic says what every major AJATT post (2k6~2k10) says. All the take-away points.
  • LARD is the Cliff’s Notes.

But I’ve read AJATT top-to-bottom already.


  • Then you don’t need this.
  • Remember: you don’t need any of the products that have ever come out of AJATT
  • And you never will
  • All this stuff is made for convenience.
  • It’s convenient to have a big blog all boiled down and bound together into one ebook.


  • If that big, bad Table of Contents is intimidating you.
  • If you want to get straight to the point
  • If you’ve read through AJATT before, but you want to re-read it without re-reading it
  • If you want totality without verbosity
  • If you’re marching in the army and you feel something funny…

…then ask your doctor if LARD is right for you.

What Else?

Get Yours Now

  • You get all of the above, plus:
  • Free lifetime access to updates
  • Free AJATT+ Membership with your LARD Classic
    • Automatically renewing, for your convenience
    • Cancel any time, even right after your LARD Classic purchase. Screw me over, get one on the system; I don’t care — I just want you to be happy
  • No DRM
    • You are a good person
    • You deserve better
    • Copy, paste, transfer, quote, annotate and resize at will for your personal use
  • Choose your own price

Marx, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh! We will fight! We will win!

El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!

What If I Don’t Like It?

  • You will like it. Trust me.
  • But in the unlikely event that you’re not simply overjoyed, you can have a full, no-questions-asked, for-shizzle 100% refund. Just email me ( refund at ajatt dot com ) with one word: “refund”. You don’t have to give any reason whatsoever, but you can if you feel like expressing your opinion.
  • Remember: I don’t even know what I’m doing. I’m just making stuff and seeing what’ll work ;)…Y’know?…I dunno…whatever, dude.
  • Look at it as an experiment — for both of us.
  • If it works: yay! If not: reset, take all your money back, and play again 😀 .

Wait, wait, wait…Can I see it before I buy?


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