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The Wrong Ence, The Wrong T (Persistence Beats Intelligence; Tenacity Beats Talent)

Learning (=getting used to) a language doesn’t take intelligence, only persistence. It’s not magic; it’s just maths. Certain quantities of certain inputs will inevitably produce certain outputs. It’s as straightforward as drinking and peeing.

People who know a language aren’t “talented”, just tenacious.

Eat those persistence flakes for breakfast so you can enjoy victory for dinner 😀

Snack on tenacity bars and you’ll be a “ten” at whatever you focus on 😉 .

Hey, I never promised I wouldn’t be goofy 😛 .

Persistence beats intelligence. Tenacity beats talent. In fact, we can go even further than that: what we variously (and rather intellectually lazily) call talent and intelligence are merely the crystallized results of persistence and tenacity. Persistence and tenacity are water and cold, when they turn into ice, we call these talent and intelligence.

Don’t go looking for ice. Get some water and some cold.

Don’t wish for steam. Get some water and heat.

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