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Ululation! QRG The Movie Is Here!

The QRG video has arrived! The QRG video, nicknamed “QRG: The Movie” is a video supplement to the best-selling ebook of similar name — the quick-start, action-oriented, no-nonsense AJATT Quick Reference Guide (QRG).

As is the custom here at AJATT, let me be the very first to tell you precisely and in no uncertain words:

Why You Don’t Need The QRG Video And Why You Shouldn’t Buy It

  • No special effects
  • No hot chicks
  • No hot guys
  • No hot anything, really
  • My Mum says I’m handsome, but does that really count?
  • No 3D animation
  • No popcorn
  • In the background, you can still see the tape marks from when I used to try to prevent my cats opening doors (those clever motherlovers…)
  • No batteries included
  • I hadn’t shaved
  • My posture was bad
  • It’s a monologue
  • There’s virtually no Japanese in it.
  • Which is pretty funny for a site called “All Japanese All The Time”.
  • Wanna know what’s even more funny?
  • 日本語を全く解さない癖に一々「アイツのホームページはさぁ、やっぱ日本語足りないんだよね」とかホザいてる馬鹿野郎が
  • That’s what’s freaking funny.
  • 百年早いぞコノヤロー
  • There’s lots of mumbling and rambling. To quote Tolkien verbatim: things were mumbled that shouldn’t have been mumbled.
  • At one point in the video, I inexplicably feel the need to tell you that I read a lot of books — intellectual small man syndrome, hmmm?
  • I have a weird, hard-to-place, mid-Atlanticy accent thing going on that is neither here nor there, and thus, ultimately, hard for everyone to understand.
  • I then take this accent and mumble in it.
  • It’s full of unfunny jokes.
  • That I then laugh at.
  • Yes, I laugh at my own jokes.
  • You could just read the AJATT site.
  • You could just read the QRG ebook.
  • “They” (air quotes) don’t want you to have it.
  • A good number of fellow AJATTeers have put up free AJATT walkthroughs on YouTube. For free. For free, meng.
  • It comes with free membership in the AJATT cult wait…baby steps…baby steps…

So Who Would Want To Buy The QRG Video?

  • People who bought, enjoyed and benefited from the QRG ebook
  • People who have enjoyed and benefited from previous AJATT videos
  • People who have read, enjoyed and benefited from AJATT articles
  • People looking for a lazy, “hands-free” but action-oriented overview of the AJATT “method”
  • People who prefer verbal explanations.
  • People who prefer watching a video to reading large amounts of text
  • People who want to get right to the AJATT “action” without wading through large amounts of interesting but “less action-oriented” individual.

The AJATT site, this site, has grown into a compendium of brilliantly insightful articles written by an incredibly handsome man. This is a good thing. The one weakness is that, well, it’s all very large, and can tend to leave you wondering “OK, but what do I DO?”.

The QRG series has been designed to fulfill the specific need to “get straight to the action”, without sacrificing the more universal and context-independent appeal of many of the articles you typically find here on the site.

Some things are best read, some things are best heard, some things are best said and heard. The QRG video, in combination with the QRG ebook, covers all these bases for you. One of the coolest parts of the video, I think, is the oral walkthrough of the entire AJATT “philosophy” (AKA “mental tools”) section.

Over and above that is the “greater than the some of its parts” effect, that inexplicable magic you get in a video that text can never quite replicate. This video is a lot like sitting with me, in my “Fortress of Solitude”, having a conversation. If that’s something you would enjoy, then I think you might enjoy this video as well.

What’s In The Package?

  • Two video files — digital downloads
    • one with background music
    • one without BGM
  • WMV format.
  • File size: Approx. 425MB
  • Running time: 81 minutes
  • All the points in the QRG are covered with sparkling wit and verve.

For best results, I recommend you:

  • Get the QRG ebook as well, if you don’t already have it. This video is designed to be used in combination with the QRG ebook, and assumes that you already own it.
  • Be learning Japanese. This video, like the current QRG ebook, is quite specifically focussed in that direction.

Own It Now!

Your copy is waiting for you. But “they” may try to take it away! So panic. Buy now. Treat yourself. You deserve this. Do something for yourself for a change! Et cetera 😉 . Seriously, though, prices always go in only one direction here at up. So the earlier you get yours, the better.

QRG Video Standalone or QRG Video Uber Value Bundle

Both the standalone QRG Video and the über value bundle packs also include:

  • 1 free month of AJATT Plus — premium multimedia AJATT content combined with access to the AJATT+ Forum: The Most Intelligent, Civilized and Trolless Forum in the Multiverse (for free!)
    • Your AJATT Plus subscription will automatically continue beyond the first, free month unless you cancel it.
    • If you don’t want the subscription at all, you may cancel it at any time (even right after your purchase) and still keep your free month of AJATT Plus anyway. Aren’t I awesome?
  • 2 (count ‘em — two) super special secret freebies.
  • All 100% DRM-free. No DRM whatsoever: I hate DRM. I trust you. You’re a good person. I know you’re not going to screw me over. So I just want things to be produced and delivered in such a way that you can get the maximum possible value out of them, because that’s how I want it when I buy products. I believe that:
    • You should and must have the right to play back media files on any device you own that can play them.
    • You must have the right to remix (copy and paste, etc.) information for your private, personal, educational use.
    • Information is for fiddling with, not just looking at.
    • You, a paying customer, should and must not be treated like a freaking criminal and subjected to ludicrous, draconian restrictions on how you manipulate data you paid for for you own consumption.

No Likey? No Problem!

Buy it. Try it. No likey? No payey. As with all its predecessor products, the QRG video comes with a 100%, no-questions-asked refund guarantee. If you are in anyway unhappy with the product, just shoot me an email at qrg at ajatt dot com, and I will be happy to give you a full refund on your purchase.
Even if I try to ask questions, you can be all “nuh-uh…no questions!”

  21 comments for “Ululation! QRG The Movie Is Here!

  1. Patrick
    November 21, 2009 at 11:15

    Good stuff, the music was good but I would have kept it raw for the majority of the video, it started to really get repetitious and intrustive to the material you were presenting.

  2. Chris
    November 21, 2009 at 16:19

    I think the music works perfectly well. It’s not death metal, it’s just calm and quiet enough to add a nice ambiance to the whole presentation.

    It was rather amusing how you’d crack a joke or something, I’d expect you to laugh and you wouldn’t. Then suddenly moments later you’d burst out laughing. Hilarious.

    Anyway, yeah, good video. I’ve already read the site numerous times, but what the hey!

  3. Elliott
    November 21, 2009 at 16:25

    Great job, Khatz, really good to “see” more of you. Couple things I might mention for revisions or future vids of this sort: (a) video segments, (b) music changes/choices, (c) transitions =]

    I am really stoked to get your presentation and video supplement to your QRG, but like this site, there’s a lot of good (great even) info, but it’s packed a little densely and as you recommend with reading, it’s nice to skip around and “go at your own pace.” I think if you broke the portions into identifiable segments of between 2 to 5, to possibly even 10 minutes in each topic/area with some noticeable video transitions (even cheesy “STEP 2” or “Stage 4: sentences part 1- how to begin” black screens with white letters or something) it would really help break up the monotony of 81 minutes.

    Secondly, music… perhaps I’ve been gearing/geared up with lots of princeton review and Barron review videos for GRE testing and whatnot, but having some peppy synthy/jazz-pop music in the back ground that is lower in volume, but also helpful in supplementing energy into your segments it would keep things going.

    Now with that criticism, Khatz, really, you’re doing a great job and I’ve appreciated your work and thoughts on language study! To mention one of my favorite PD people, Stephen Covey, don’t forget to take care of your productivity tools and rest up and take’em in for a sharpening =]

    All the best,

  4. Chris
    November 21, 2009 at 18:44

    Actually, while going through the video again, I would agree largely with what Elliot said: changing the music for each segment/phase would be a nice way to keep things fresh. Keeping it raw though would make it feel a little too…I don’t know, empty I suppose. The music you chose was just right though; it wasn’t overbearing or distracting, but to be fair to what Patrick said, it did get a little repetitive (I actually wrote my first comment before the video through).

    Also, as Elliot rightly mentions, possibly having some ability to divide the video into chapters so you can listen to a certain ‘phase’ again for clarification would be really helpful. Overall, the spontaneity of the video was really nice and come to think of it, it really came across as more of a conversation than a presentation which made listening to it, at least for me, a whole lot more enjoyable for the 80 odd minutes it lasts. Really, well done!

  5. November 21, 2009 at 19:47

    Good Bejeezus, it’s long! And a Hugh Jazz download. I want to take it all in, do a comparison with it’s written counterpart, laugh at you laughing at your unfunny jokes, do a review and all that. Didn’t expect it to be this long though. Could take me a few days.

    I suppose I could just Swiss Cheese it, just like your reading method 😛

  6. Joe
    November 22, 2009 at 06:35

    Great work on this one, Khatz, definitely a huge help for the beginners out there. You should do this video format for your blog posts once in a while too, perhaps in Japanese with English subtitles a la Hikosaemon. (I hope I did the HTML right!) Once again, thanks for the great stuff you’re doing!

  7. Jimbo
    November 22, 2009 at 18:08

    I couldn’t agree more with Joe: doing just a cool, rambling vid for 10 minutes for YouTube would be a FANTASTIC supplement to the articles on this website. I’d just add, that Japanese subtitles would probably be easier and more effective. After all, the people watching it would be interested in what you’re saying, and so enjoying the Japanese, and in addition they’d have the benefit of having exact subs.

    Or maybe this could be a next addition to your “product line”? 😀 Either way, the folks at YouTube definitely want more vids from you, provided you can find the time and can be bothered, it seems like a really good idea!

  8. Amelia
    November 23, 2009 at 02:22

    Watching it in bits and pieces as I do school stuff. Favorite line so far: pause, sidelong look at the camera, then declaring “I’m eating raisins.”

    Very funny stuff. All serious and the BAM!–raisins.

  9. November 23, 2009 at 19:39

    So, there I was, listening to the video while doing something else, and lo and behold, I was mentioned! (just before the one hour mark). Fantastic!

    Anyway, it’s a fun video. Didn’t mind the music at all.

  10. Joe
    November 24, 2009 at 02:36

    Jimbo, in case you or anyone else hasn’t seen it yet, Khatz has already done one rambling video on YouTube in Japanese (albeit sans subtitles). You can check it out here:

    I agree, Japanese and English subs would be prime (like Hikosaemon does). Japanese for the learners and English for those just checking out the site. Come on Khatz, let’s see some more videos! At the very least, it would prove your method works well. 😉

  11. マット
    November 24, 2009 at 03:58

    Yeah I thought the video was great!
    Like a few others said it would be great to have changes in the music, but I know what it’s like to deal with music (copyright issues etc)
    Love the content, can’t wait for the more advanced stuff.
    I agree it would be cool to have a video in English with Japanese subs, I find this a great way to learn

    Maybe one time you could do a colab? The video you did with tokyosam was so good because you had this kinda question and answer thing goin on. If you can find someone who will work for free, might be an idea 😉

    Anyways to sum up I’d just say awesome video, but music needs variety. Still, well worth the dosh

  12. William
    November 24, 2009 at 13:15

    I think I would have enjoyed the movie considerably more had there been no music.Would it be possible to include two audio tracks? one with music and one without? Also, the addition of chapter markers would be nice.

  13. Jimbo
    November 24, 2009 at 14:11


    Yeah I have seen that vid. I was just hoping he might make some more regularly, just chatting about Japan and language learning and whatnot. Casual and rambling. Hikosaemon’s vids are awesome!

  14. Ionize
    November 25, 2009 at 16:11

    Hey Khatz,

    I enjoyed your QRG video. It gave a lot of further background to some of your thoughts. My only question is: What is with the grammar sentence cards during the bilingual phase?

  15. November 25, 2009 at 16:22

    That was really a very interesting video. I enjoyed watching it and it was funny too. A very good material for beginners especially. The verbal explanations were good here.
    Thanks for sharing it here dude.

  16. Colby
    November 26, 2009 at 05:31

    I have to say, it was completely worth the buy just to see you using the same story for “Guy” as me

  17. November 26, 2009 at 11:58

    終わった. And done. Sorry for the wait. Wrote up a review of the QRG movie (for those interested) here:

    Well done Khatz, you’ve earned my money again 🙂

  18. November 26, 2009 at 15:06

    Not sure what happened to my last comment. Anyway, thanks for movie. Got a review (for those interested) here:

    Keep ’em 来るing 😉

  19. エス貳ケー
    February 27, 2012 at 20:41

    「百年早いぞコノヤロー」 ガハハハ ゲキワロスwwww

  20. Agent J
    July 6, 2013 at 18:30

    Don’t you think the QRG and QRG movie should get updates?

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