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What is it about these MCDs? Part 5: The Variety

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MCDs aren’t just for kanji and vocab.


I learned a lot [of syntax] by making MCDs of the examples in Tae Kim’s guide and some in All About Particles.  I also made MCDs of particles when reading whenever one was used in a way I wasn’t expecting. … With your native English, I bet you didn’t ever explicitly learn the difference between “the” and “a”, but you always get them right when speaking, correct? Enough input, especially using MCDs, force you into good, native-like habits.


So, in summary, should you try MCDs? Sure, why not? As Kalek advises us:

My suggestion: MCDs. But, if you still aren’t sure, do both [sentences and MCDs].  See what you like better.  Find out what’s more fun and what makes you learn better.  Then, dump one (or at least stop adding cards to it), and keep the other.



Do you have anything to lose from experimenting?

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