What is Neutrino French?

Hey, Khatzumoto. I’m already dangerously well-informed about Neutrino 😉 and realize that I meet the criteria of someone who deserves to join. I don’t need any more info! Please let me in right now while there are still places left!

Education by Addiction

What if learning French could be addictive? What if it could as addictive as crack and crystal meth, as addictive as gambling, as addictive as men in white vests and cruel, heartless, emotionally volatile women? What if French could be like that?

Also, crack.

What if it could be as addictive as “World of Warcraft”? As addictive as email? Or Facebook? Or Farmville?

And what if someone had made it all addictive for you so you didn’t have to make it addictive for yourself? What if someone had built this casino of learning-French-by-addiction awesomeness for you, and all you had to do was walk in?

What if French could literally ruin your life? Literally take your life and tear it a new one? A brand new, shiny, French one?

I wanted to create something that would destroy your life 1. I don’t want you to have a “healthy” life, not because “healthy” is bad but because it’s usually just a euphemism for “mediocre”. Look closely at the people telling you to have a “healthy” life and you’ll usually (not always, but usually) find that they suck at their lives suck. I want you to be so good at this language that is scares people. I don’t want you to have a normal life. I don’t want you to have an ordinary life. I want you to have an extraordinary life.

When SilverSpoon 1.0 came out, I thought: if only people knew what to do, exactly what to do, in excruciating detail, then everything would be cool. I would spoonfeed every single day and that would be cool. And it was cool. Mission accomplished.

But it could be even cooler. New mission.

Enter Neutrino: SilverSpoon 7.0

Just because you know exactly what to do, that doesn’t mean you’re going to do it.
It’s possible to get overwhelmed, even by the visibility of the action of a single day.

So what if we cut this thing up into pieces so small, and so addictive, and so interesting and so easy that they were easier to do than to not do? Basically, take the spoonfeeding up by quantum leaps and bounds. Now, not only do you get spoonfed, but the food you get spoonfed has already been chewed up for you so it’s all blended like that Gerber stuff, and the spoon you eat from has had some crack sprinkled on it to get you hooked, and then the spoon gets put in your mouth, and then Neutrino takes your jaw and moves it up and down to help you chew.

No thought. No planning. No worrying. No fretting. No intelligence required on your part. Neutrino is there to be intelligent for you. It was designed that way.

Because, let’s face it. You’re smart. We know you’re smart. That was never in any doubt. You can follow rambling text like this; you’re a sharp one. But that’s just the thing: you’re too smart. You’re so smart, it’s like being dumb, because your intelligence is used to create worry and fear and ulcers and panic attacks. So you need something that can bypass your intelligence, your over-thinking, your over-calculation, and just get that spoon into your mouth.

You’re hard-working. But that’s just the thing: you’re too hard-working. You’re so hard-working that it’s like being lazy, because you use your hard work to cause yourself pain. You create yourself busywork 2. You work hard at hating yourself for not moving forward, for not being further ahead, for not being Doogie Howser, for being too much like Doogie Howser. You work hard at hating yourself for not being perfect and for not being 100% on the ball 100% of the time. You try to work so hard that you won’t even let yourself do a little and just move forward. You keep burning yourself out.

Neutrino has been created from scratch, from the ground up. It is a revolution rather than an evolution. In what is (as far as I am aware) a world first in the field of getting used to French, it integrates principles from behavioral science and addiction psychology in order to create an experience similar to, well, gambling.

Yes gambling.
I believe in addiction. Not just in its power — which is obvious — but also in its neutrality.
I believe in easy. Because I’m lazy.
And, as always, I believe in hookers and blow. Gotta believe in the hookers and blow.

Nothing is wrong with things that are addictive. Something is right with them.
The addictive part is right. Everything else about them may be wrong, but the addictive part is just fine.

SilverSpoon-Neutrino harnesses the power of addiction and uses it for good, where good = “whatever, man, as long as it helps with Khatz’s hookers and blow” I mean “get used to French” .

You deserve the best. At the very least, you deserve better than the crap that exists out there right now. I have seen that crap; I have seen what it does to people and it physically hurts to watch. I want you to succeed at getting used to languages. Perhaps it’s a small thing to want, but it’s a small thing with potentially massive consequences.

<<Apply Now (Spaces Permitting)>>

But why all this addiction and fun and games? Well, because there is a serious problem with Japanese classes…

The Problem With Language Classes — Including French

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I made Neutrino because you deserve better.

I made Neutrino because practically everything else sucks. Hard. Especially classes. Classes suck. Even French classes. Perhaps especially French classes — what I mean is, the classes for each language have their own unique, language-specific way of sucking, like some sort of sucky snowflake; each one’s “special”. Whether it’s college, language school or just regular school, classes suck. Hard. It’s a fact. I know it. You know it. We all know it.

But they have their strengths. They do. That’s also a fact.

In class, all you have to do is show up. Someone else makes all the choices. Someone else makes all the decisions. They decide both strategy and tactics. They even handle scheduling for you. They have the big and small picture in their heads, and they give it to you piece by piece. You just kick back and do your part.

So what’s the problem?

Well, at least half a dozen things are the freaking problem. Let’s list just a few of them:

  1. They suck.
  2. Hard.
  3. They’re so busy making all the choices and all the decisions that you’re left with zero freedom. That’s not convenient; it’s just lame. It makes you bored and confused and make you want to go home.
  4. They punish exceptional performance
  5. They force you to work at their pace
  6. They have crappy taste in, like, everything.
  7. Did I mention they bore you to effing death?
  8. You could do every little boring thing they say to do in a class and still not know any real French. And what happens? “Well, French is complicated”, “French is hard”, “learning a language is hard unless you’re a baby or live in the country”, they say. The old “bait and switch”.
  9. They treat for-native by-native materials as an optional supplement to “learning” or as an occasional reward for “real” learning instead of as core artifacts.
  10. They don’t take responsibility for the results.
  11. Ultimately, they (=typical classroom teachers) have rock-bottom expectations of you and your ability; via a reverse Pygmalion Effect (Golem Effect), they communicate these low expectations to you, unnecessarily dooming you to low expectations of yourself, low self-confidence, low self-efficacy and poor results. They create a self-fulfilling prophecy of crappiness.
  12. The teachers who do have faith in you lack a system where having a system counts. They have a system of scaring and forcing you to do things, but no system to get you to fluency.

And that’s a bunch of bollocks because you deserve better.

You deserve better. And Neutrino gives it to you. Neutrino fixes all those problems and more.

Let’s play yet another little game of “what if”.

  • What if you could have all the benefits of a French class with none of the drawbacks?
  • What if learning a language could be a series of short, fun, refreshing sprints, rather than some long, drawn-out endless marathon?
  • What if learning a language for real — to fluency, to high-level proficiency — could have a clear, meaningful, reachable, specific, quantified endpoint?
  • What if someone could tell you, down to the day, when you would be fluent, and then lead you every step of the way the way there, and make sure you actually got there, just like a physical roadtrip?

It took me 18 months to get to the point in Japanese where I could function like an adult — read documents, talk about technical stuff, do job interviews, all in Japanese. Now, different babies start talking at different times, but that’s a good ballpark figure: 18~24 months. 36 months if you really want some slack, but no more. Now, French isn’t Japanese, but the principle is the same.

We Know You’re The Prince of Japanese Tennis, But What Qualifies You To Handle French Balls?

Nothing. And, in a sense, everything. I took one for the proverbial team as far as French is concerned. I took French in school from second grade right up to and including my first year in college. I don’t speak it but I understand. I have witnessed the unnecessary pain and suffering that bad methods cause. I know exactly what’s wrong with how they teach French in school because I experienced it. And the experience was so bad that it turned me off (or failed to ever turn me onto) the language.

But all was not bleak. As it turns out, my aunt, my Mum’s little sister, has lived in France since her early 20s. In high school, I would spend my shorter holidays at hers, one to three weeks at a time, two or three times a year. Anyway, one time, due to a scheduling conflict, I visited France (as usual) but stayed not with my aunt, who (of course) speaks English, but with my aunt’s older friend and her friend’s daughter, neither of whom knew a single word of English. For a whole week, all I heard was French — near-100% immersion.

And I was never the same again. Frenchwise. No, it wasn’t the sniffing of her daughter’s panties (wait, what? No, she was, like, 35 years old and I was 14! If anything, I’m the victim here! What’re you gonna do? Tell ’em? Tell them! Playa, I was the model houseguest; you think they’re gonna believe you?!). It was that school French, when I went back to school, now sounded like, what’s the most offensive word possible…retards talking. Or people talking condescendingly to retards. Fake, textbook French sounded insultingly slow, unreal and easy to me. And it stayed that way for good.

Again, French was required where I went to school. I did well at French exams, despite, again, having not much interest in the language (or, perhaps more accurately, what we were told was the language — dry tables and endless rules with millions of exceptions). Looking back, it was a total joke — French movies were considered “bad for” us and “not real learning”.

This story will make you angry. One time, a kid in our class, Bertie, was asked how to conjugate a verb and he got it right. Our “teacher”, Mr. McDonald (not his real name, but close) then asked him how he knew the answer, to which Bertie replied: “I just felt it”. And then, get this, McDonald gets angry at Bertie and goes on this rant about how you can’t feel it, you can’t be vague like a native speaker, you have to know, you gotta know the table, be precise, not like those sloppy native speakers.

Oh yeah, those sloppy native speakers who can actually speak the language; we wouldn’t want to be like them, would we? Why this was and is so messed up is because McDonald was otherwise a really cool guy. As cool as someone a teacher at a boys’ prison, sorry, boarding school, can get. Funny, witty, Irish — the three best things in the world you can be. But he couldn’t see past school.

But my experience of a French-only environment for a week had given me a fleeting glimpse of another path, it had taught me a lesson about how languages are really learned, and that lesson, a lesson learned far away from any school or classroom, on holiday, with two very good-looking French women (I know, right? My aunt really knew how to pick caretakers), remained with me, and went on to give me great success in Japanese. Bad school system be damned.

My undergraduate degree is in computer science, not linguistics. This is a good thing, trust me. This gives me the fresh perspective of an outsider. Not bogged down by prejudices and conventional, received wisdom, I am coming at you from left field (or brain, as the case may be) 3 with new, revolutionary ideas and techniques from beyond the discipline divide.

So, I come to helping you with French as someone who knows exactly what’s wrong, knows how to fix it and isn’t afraid of doing strange and fun things that work just because they don’t look serious.

Furthermore, I do have extensive experience with Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese. In language-learning circles, there is a school of thought that ranks languages according to their supposed difficulty. Personally, I reject this school of thought. But, were you to accept or be influenced by this way of thinking, then you could come up with a Superman/”red sun of Krypton” explanation of my position.

Superman, the fictional character, was born on the planet Krypton, orbiting a red sun. On Earth, with our yellow sun, he has superpowers. He’s like those Kenyan runners: born and raised at high altitude, running like bosses at low altitudes.

So the red sun of Krypton/Big Apple/New York 4 argument is that if one can learn Japanese fast and successfully, then, applying the same principles, one could easily do the same with French.

Putting our acceptance or rejection of all Kryptonian metaphors aside for a moment, what is inarguably happening here is that principles I learned in Africa and Europe, honed and perfected in North America and then confirmed and systematized in Asia, are now coming back, through Neutrino, in the form of Neutrino with a vengeance to bring you to obscene levels of fluency, proficiency and general awesomeness in French.

French is part of a second wave of European languages being swept up into the net of Neutrino’s addictive nature. Neutrino Junkies have been enjoying their way through Spanish for some time now.

Neutrino, ultimately, is about principles; it is about engineered inevitability; it is, in my unbiased biased estimation 😉 , the first and only comprehensive language acquisition system truly deserving of the name “system5. With a combination of my personal experience in other languages and the direct expertise of advanced French speakers and native French-speaking consultants, Neutrino French is able to do for you what it’s doing for other people acquiring other languages.

Living outside of Japan, having never visited the country and without taking classes, I acquired Japanese to the point that I could function as an articulate, literate adult. Japanese people routinely confuse me for a native speaker (not only on the phone, but even in person! — thanks to elaborate but false theories about my parentage 😀 ). I am not better than you. I am not smarter than you. You are just as smart as I am — probably smarter. Anyone could do it. Anyone can do it. In any language. It’s not a Krypton issue. It’s a systems issue.

So why doesn’t everyone do it?

Two words.

Tortoise math.

Smart, perfectionistic people cannot do tortoise math.

Tortoise math isn’t normal math. Tortoise math is the math of tortoises — you know, the kind that race hares.

The ability to do tortoise math and the ability to do regular math are completely unrelated.
Tortoise math requires a level of faith and emotional silence that you don’t have time for right now.

Smart people can’t do tortoise math.

You can’t do tortoise math. You’re too smart. You’re too clever. You’re too quick on your feet. You’re too emotionally unstable. Too perfectionistic.

Emotions. You feel lost. You feel overwhelmed. You don’t know if what you’re doing is right or even effective. And because the more you know the more you know you don’t know, you start to feel like you’ll never get there. You lose hope. You give up.

Emotions lead to a loss of momentum. And when you don’t have momentum, you have nothing. Loss of momentum kills the entire process of becoming awesome at French.

Let me repeat myself.

You haven’t had trouble becoming awesome at French because you’re not smart enough. You’ve had trouble learning French because you’re too smart. You use your intelligence to defeat yourself. I’m not just trying to flatter you here (I am kinda; this is sales copy; I’m trying to suck up to you to in order to sell you something; that’s just fact).

You’re too smart for your own good. You’re too smart to see and appreciate the blindingly small and obvious, because the small and the obvious are too small and too obvious to be intellectually interesting to you. You’re too smart to focus your energy; you’re too smart to do tortoise math.

You’re like Cyclops from X-Men. You have laser eyes. And your laser eyes (=mental power) are shooting death beams of powerful, misdirected energy all over the room and your life.

That’s why I’ve made you a visor. I want you to have this visor. I want you to have this thing that will focus your figurative laser eyes — your energy — onto the one teeny, tiny thing you need to right now.

I’m not smart like you are. I’m simple. I’m slow on the uptake. I do tortoise math. I do the obvious. And now I’m going to do tortoise math for you, so you don’t have to.

Learning French is a matter of engineered inevitability. It is the inevitable result of heading in a certain direction. Like an idiot.

The problem is, you don’t have the time and faith to engineer inevitability for yourself. And you’re too smart to stay focussed.

So I’ve gone and done the focussing and engineering for you.

  • Are you inspired by all the information on AJATT but unsure how to start and what to actually do?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things going on in your life?
  • Are all these effing questions starting sound like a Xanax commercial?
  • Do you wish that someone could be there for you every step of the way, like a parent or big brother or Mr. Miyagi?
  • Do you wish someone else would do all the worrying and big-picture thinking and planning and strategizing for you?
  • Do you want the security of knowing you’re doing stuff that actually works, that you’re on the right track? Every day? Until you’re fluent? No leaving you alone?
  • Do you wish you could abdicate responsibility of handling the structure and scheduling of your learning, while enjoying the freedom of choosing the content?
  • Are you overloaded with good ideas but underloaded with action?
  • Do you just want clear, simple, straightfoward, easy directions and validation?
  • Do you want someone who won’t bait and switch on you, who’ll take responsibility for your fluency, for getting you there?

If that sounds like you, then maybe you need to be spoonfed. Maybe you need Neutrino.

Hold on a sec, though. Before I even tell you what Neutrino is, first, let’s get something out of the way.

Who Should Not Try to Join Neutrino

People who:

  • Don’t want to become fluent in French
  • Write their own operating systems
  • Sew their own clothes
  • Just generally like doing stuff without any help from anyone
  • Use Linux even in situations where makes better sense not to 😛
    • Oh, you know you love it when I tease you about your OS religion hahaha. I use Linux, too, bruv; I just don’t worship it.
  • Hate everything
  • Don’t know what “AJATT” stands for
  • Aren’t willing to let go and let Khatz (WTF?) 😛

Not everyone is cut out for being spoonfed. Not everybody wants to be spoonfed. Even if it feels and tastes great. And that’s fine. That’s mmm kay. Here. Here’s a hyperlink that takes you somewhere else.

OK. So I see you’re still here. Maybe you’re interested in finding out what this is. But, again, just to be sure let’s make sure you’re a good fit for this.

Who Should Try to Join Neutrino (If Places Are Available)

People who are:

  • Busy
  • Smart
  • Dilligent
  • Serious
  • Perfectionistic
  • Obsessive
  • Erratic
  • Disorganized
  • Inconsistent
  • Undisciplined
  • Are intimidated by the very idea of learning other languages
  • Have had several failed attempts at learning French — keep starting and stopping, binging and purging (“bulimic learning”), three-day monk syndrome
  • Get overwhelmed easily
  • Have fast, reliable Internet access (duh 😛 )
  • Use Mac or Windows
    • Use Linux as a tool rather than a religion
  • Have $150~$250 a month available for purchasing:
    • French media (books, music, movies, TV shows) and
    • tools (electronic dictionary, extra mp3 player, VPN access to Japan, etc.)

If you’re not most of those things, then Neutrino probably isn’t for you. It isn’t. I wish it were, but it’s not. Don’t waste your time reading the rest of this. Go do the other stuff you had planned for today.

OK, so it looks like you’re still here. It looks like you might really, really be Neutrino type. Let’s tell you what it is then.

Neutrino: What You Don’t Get

  • Actual French books, movies
  • Supplementary materials — extra books, stationery
  • Equipment — mp3 players, DVD player, video game consoles

Neutrino: What You Do Get

Every day, Neutrino spoonfeeds you clear, detailed, chunked down, chewed up, simplified, minified instructions on:

  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • How long to do it
  • Where to do it
  • What to use
  • How to use it
  • What to read
  • What to watch
  • What to learn
  • When and where to learn it
  • How long to learn it for
  • What to buy
  • Where to buy it
  • When to buy it

In short, Neutrino manages and spoonfeeds all major areas for you, including:

  • Scheduling: easing you painlessly into awesomeness, with easy steps and funny, gentle reminder to keep you on track. Stop looking at me like that, they are funny!
  • Immersion: Low-effort, high-result immersion management
  • Procurement and Purchase Scheduling: What, where, when and how to get the media and equipment you need
  • Vocabulary: Frequency-based target vocabulary lists — detailed instructions on specific words and word types to learn in the context of SRSing MCDs (a new SRS technique that’s even better than sentences)

You also get:

  • Special secret exclusive content, and
  • Tons of freebies

Neutrino focuses you on learning the things that real native speakers in real life know and use. None of that “les vacances au bord de la mer” 6 crap they feed you at school.

Nice Speech, King of Longwindia. So Just What is SilverSpoon-Neutrino?

  • Where Old SilverSpoon measured time, SilverSpoon-Neutrino measures choices.
  • Where Old SilverSpoon is about direction, SilverSpoon-Neutrino is about addiction.
  • Where Old SilverSpoon is about when and how, SilverSpoon-Neutrino is about here and now.
  • Where Old SilverSpoon is about effects, SilverSpoon-Neutrino is about causes.
  • Where Old SilverSpoon is about days, SilverSpoon-Neutrino is about atoms.
  • Where Old SilverSpoon talks, SilverSpoon-Neutrino whispers subliminal messages into your soul.

Old SilverSpoon showed, guided, prodded, instructed and mapped you to the crack, SilverSpoon-Neutrino is the crack.

You will never have to think again. You will never have to fret again. You will never have to plan again. You will never have to worry again.
At least as far as this language learn game is concerned.
All you need do is show up for your fix. And not even that: the addiction will make you show up.
That’s because SilverSpoon-Neutrino requires even less of you than Old SilverSpoon (as if such a thing were possible — yeah…pulled it off 😛 …you can thank me later )

Let’s Try That Again…
What’s The Difference Between Neutrino (SilverSpoon 7.0) and Old SilverSpoon 1.0?

There are far too many changes to list here or anywhere — this is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. But here is a brief description of some of the changes:

  • More customization, hyper-personalization
    • Old SilverSpoon was temporally customized — you got exactly what matched the day you were on. The scale of things was hidden from you This was an amazing step forward at the time, using temporal “blinders” to hide information from you to keep you calm and focused — but had two weaknesses. One was that time kept moving. The other was that even a day can be too much to think about.
    • Neutrino is moment-to-moment customized. You’re selecting and doing exactly what you want to do at each moment.
    • Days were one of the basic units of Old SilverSpoon. There are no “days” in SilverSpoon-Neutrino. It’s all about “atoms”. Tiny, atomic actions and semi-actions and choices. Everything happens at a granular, ultra-personal, atomic level (in fact, the project codename for SilverSpoon-Neutrino was “AtomSpoon”). Time does not exist. Now is all there is. You are the star.
    • So, for example, you can skip over anything and everything you can’t or don’t want to do at any time, but not have to think about it. In this respect, SilverSpoon-Neutrino is your mother, your nanny, and your secretary. She will bring it up for you later.
    • You can do only what you can and want to do at the time, but never get lost and never have to think or plan or consider or strategize or worry about how to backtrack so you’re on track. Deviation is built in, expected and celebrated.
    • You can never fall behind because there literally is no behind: there is only you and there is only now. It’s all about freeing you from all thinking about learning, so you can think about other things while learning takes care of itself. It’s everything that school is (structured), and everything that school isn’t (awesome, personalized precisely, exactly to and for you, your preferences, your situation)
  • The Addiction Engine
    • At the core of the software behind SilverSpoon-Neutrino sits a set of structures, algorithms and processes lovingly dubbed the “Addiction Engine”.
    • SilverSpoon-Neutrino integrates the best old 7 and new research on the nature of addictive, compulsive and avoidance behavior, wraps that research into a little ball, slaps you with it and leaves you literally begging for more. What makes gambling addictive? What makes fun fun? Why do we choose to do one thing and not another? SilverSpoon-Neutrino knows why. And it’s going to use that knowledge on you to devastating effect.
  • Gamification
    • While SilverSpoon-Neutrino itself is emphatically not a game — it’s something far more vast, powerful, intentional and sinister than that 😛 , it contains certain elements of games to add to the fun and…games. Experience points, friendly competition, school shootings 8, it’s all there. No Italian plumbers, though. Awww… 😛

As I said, there are many other changes that I won’t go into here. Like the Matrix, one has to see them for oneself. The good news is that many of the awesome parts of Old SilverSpoon remain the same and merge into SilverSpoon-Neutrino. Yes, I said “awesome” again. Don’t look at me like you’ve never run out of adjectives…

Fair Enough, But Version 7.0? Dude, WTF? Are You ON Crack? What Happened to 2~6?

The difference between Neutrino and SilverSpoon 1.0 is so large that it warranted a jump of six places. It’s really the difference between an airplane and a spaceship. Yes, I make spaceships now. Wait…

<<Welcome Aboard 🙂 >>

The Fo’ Shizzle Fluency Guarantee

Neutrino guarantees you fluency. Guaranteed fluency.

Succeed or get your money back. Fluency or your money back. The days of messing around are over. The people who take your money to help you learn should take responsibility for the results. I mean, I’m almost perfect. But even I’m not all the way there. Things happen. If and when they do, you don’t have to pay for that imperfection.

Neutrino works for you. Neutrino does not require hard work, struggle, boredom or pain. None of that. Neutrino does not require you to move city or country. Neutrino does not even require that you leave your bed. Neutrino does, however, require that you show up. You show up, and Neutrino takes care of the rest. Neutrino works on a point system. If you show up to Neutrino and accumulate a full point total (one hundred percent), an extremely straightforward and doable thing to do, you will get fluent in the language of your choice. It’s that simple. We guarantee it. 

So, since we’re here, while we’re at it, what does “fluency” even mean? Well, here’s a working definition of fluency:

  • Reading: Can read a randomly selected general interest (e.g. newspaper) article aloud.
  • Listening/Speaking: Can listen to a randomly selected sixty- to ninety-second audio clip from prime-time television and repeat the dialogue.
    • Express ideas directly or via circumlocution
  • Writing: Can accurately transcribe a randomly selected audio sixty- to ninety-second second spoken exchange from prime-time television or radio.

To this working definition, we can also add some items based on JALUP’s definition (sixty-five out of eighty), because I think it’s a really good one:

  • Can understand TV (ninety-five percent), News (ninety-five percent or more), Contemporary Novels (ninety-five percent) in the language
  • Can read and understand grammar/usage explanations and dictionary definitions in the language — you can the language to learn itself, without recourse to English or some other language; your language ability, in other words, is “self-hosting”
  • Do NOT yet have a full background knowledge of culture, history, geography other social life — there are many references you don’t “get”
  • Can read, write and understand whatever an average native-speaking high schooler can
  • Can read, write and understand whatever an average person in your field of expertise (e.g. college major or profession) can
  • On the phone and text chat, people occasionally (though not always) think you’re a native speaker
  • Some natives think you were raised speaking the language, or have lived in-country ten or more years, or have parents or grandparents who speak the language

You are an individual, not a number, not a drone. That’s why Neutrino is totally customized at the atomic level to you, the individual. Everything is designed so that no two Neutrino experiences are the same because no two people are the same. How long it will take you go through the program is completely up to you and within your control (several hundred days is the norm), but either way, you are protected by this fluency guarantee.

So here is the Neutrino fo-shizzle fluency guarantee in no uncertain terms: Neutrino absolutely guarantees fluency to you and everyone who accumulates a full point total in the system. In the event that you accumulate a full (one hundred percent) point total in Neutrino, an extremely, exceedingly straightforward and doable thing to do, but are still not fluent, demand you get a refund!

Hmm…I’m Still Not Sure, Yo

That’s totally fine. No problem. Get your name on the waiting list and we’ll keep in touch. Future rounds of SilverSpoon/Neutrino will cost more (the price is always rising) and will have even stricter entry criteria (qualifications, prerequisites, time and headcount limits) than you’re looking at now. But the peace of mind may be worth it. For my part, I would rather you try to join when you feel more certain.




  1. I know, sweet, huh?
  2. You create busywork for yourself? I dunno…whatever 😛
  3. brain hemisphere dominance is passé, but you’d be crazy if you think I was gonna miss out on making this pun 😛
  4. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
  5. We talk about school “systems”, and they are systems — systems for turning you into a docile factory drone, not helping you actually learn meaningful things or in fun way.
  6. Vacations at the beach…if you “learned” French in the British school system, then you know what I’m talking about…
  7. because old research isn’t necessarily bad, sometimes it just goes out of style and gets forgotten; researchers get bored with it
  8. too soon?

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  1. Paul tidwell
    July 2, 2014 at 00:52

    I wish I could sign uppppp

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