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お巫山戯、日本語で: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Squatty Potty?

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series お巫山戯、日本語で

Note from Dear Leader Khatzumoto: The following post is by Momoko, and not me. Momoko likes to use language that we don’t approve of here at AJATT. It’s like she’s doing that teenage rebellion thing, but like 15 years too late…way to be on time, champ. Um…I actually tried bowdlerizing her text, but…anyway, yeah…

This is the third installment in a new weekly series by Momoko, 「お巫山戯(ふざけ)、日本語で」, or “F***ing around in Japanese”. In it, Momoko will document how she…f***s around in Japanese, with the hope that the links to Japanese media and the irreverent setting will help readers relax a bit, go off on their own as the call of insanity dictates, and screw around in Japanese as well. (And, frankly, since Momoko’s the kind of uptight perfectionist that needs this sort of thing the most…it’s really all for her own benefit anyway.)

Last week, you began your journey into the secrets of Japanese potty training and became a パンツマン: answering the call of the むずむず, practicing おしっこ (while humming the しーぱぱ song) and うんち (while grunting along with the うーんぱぱ song), flushing おしっこ君 and うんち君 bye-bye, and strutting around in those hot J-pants.

Yes, your sit-down style is very good. But patience, grasshopper. You still have much to learn. It is time for you to leave the dojo (道場・どうじょう) and venture out into the wide world of toilet variation!

Your favorite potty-training tiger しまじろう is back with two new magical friends. おしっこバケツ, Pee Bucket, will show you how to use the principle of timing to avoid an embarrassing EMERGENCY. And 和式トイレ, Squatty Potty, will train you in the techniques of the squat style practiced all over Asia and popular in public restrooms in Japan.

Listen to these skilled masters, and 「どんなトイレも へっちゃらちゃ!」 — any toilet will be a piece of cake!:

Wasn’t that *special*?

Now stretch your quads and grab those training pants. It’s time for another potty training adventure!

おしっこバケツ!: Pee Bucket!



Boy, are you excited! You skip through the doors of the huge ヨドバシカメラ electronics mega-store in 秋葉原(あきはばら). You start making a bee-line for the i-Pad display when

(Your name)? トイレは?

Your momma tries to talk some sense into you: Boy/Girl, check yo self! You need to go?


Mmmm… You look down at your “tummy”, listening for the むずむず’s, but instead — boom! Out pops a…bucket?

僕(ぼく) (your name) のおしっこバケツ!

“I’m your pee bucket!” he gleefully announces.

Just how many freaks you got living in there, mate? Your “pee bucket”, huh… The only thing that would make this any weirder would be if he started…dancing…and singing…oh lard here it comes:

おしっこしよう! ♪ Let’s go pee-pee!
ゴー ゴー! ♪ Go! Go!
おしっこしよう! ♪ Let’s go pee-pee!
ゴー ゴー! ♪ Go! Go!
おしっこ いっぱい なるまえ(前)に ♪ Before your bladder gets full
(lit. Before the pee fills up)

Despite this catchy motivational song, complete with a go-go pee drops chorus, you blow off his advice, you little punk:


Meh, I’m ok for now.

But the pee-pee bucket is already hopping side to side, doing the potty-dance:

(Your name)! おしっこどんどん溜まって(たまって)きたよ!

Yo! This pee is filling up like mad, son!


Get your a** to a toilet!


Ten minutes later, you’re getting a butt massage in one of the deluxe massage chairs, giggling like a fool, when all of a sudden…


*Gasp!* You grab your pee-bucket region —



おしっこバケツ is frantic now — he can hardly hold it in:

(Your name)! おしっこ漏れちゃう(もれちゃう)よ!

Dude! I’m gonna EXPLODE (lit. The pee’s gonna leak out)!!

You’re running like crazy–

お母(かあ)さん! トイレ!

Mommy! I gotts ta GO!!

お母さん’s shaking her head…

やっぱり! さっき行って(いって)おけばよかったでしょう?

I knew it! Ya shoulda gone before, doncha know!

There you are doing a tap dance, struggling with your zipper in front of the first ceramic basin you lay eyes on…

You’re freaking out:

あー 漏れちゃう!

(*&$%@! I’m gonna pee my pants!!)

Your pee bucket’s freaking out:


(Move it muddaf***ah!!!)

It’s the freaking end of the world…

Or is it?

あ~ 間に合った!

Whew! Just in time! You lucky son-of-a-tiger!

Your empty pee bucket breathes a sigh of relief:


And shows you the back of his hand…well he should…but being a gentleman of honor, he raises his pointing finger (ここがポイント!– Here comes an important point!) instead and cheerfully reminds you:

(Your name)、もうぎりぎりは嫌(いや)だよ!

Don’t EVER just-in-time me again! You hold it in one more time and I will internally wound you!


So go potty before your bladder gets full, mkay?

But before his sage advice can sink in…


Uh-oh… There’s that むずむず tickle in your butt again! And you know what that means…

あー うんちかな?

Umm… I think I need to poo!

You look around the public restroom and…wait, what is THAT…that long ceramic hole in the ground?!!

和式トイレ!: Squatty Potty!

You start to panic…

どうしよう! うちのトイレと違う(ちがう)。

Oh crap! It’s different from my potty at home!

And crap is exactly what you’ve got to do… But how?! Your usual パンツマン confidence is shriveling up…

But then…oh my magic sparkles?!…the squatty potty comes to life all fired-up with positive can-do gumption:


Don’t worry you’re pretty little head!


We can do it together!!

You blink your eyes, a little stunned —


Now hold on to your J-pants…I can feel another song coming on…

わしき(和式)トイレも ♪ Squatty potty (lit. Japanese-style toilet)
ゴー ゴー! ♪ Go! Go!
わしき(和式)トイレも ♪ Squatty potty
ゴー ゴー! ♪ Go! Go!
ちゃんと できる(出來る)よ ♪ You can use it too
へっちゃらちゃ! ♪ Smooth as butta baby!

Then the toilet-paper dispenser whisks you off-screen as your underwear and shorts fly off of you…in a totally…non-creepy way…

And then Squatty Potty gives you your first instruction…


Ok, straddle me!

…Whoa! Ok, that’s it! You give potty mouth and his pervy sidekick a hard kick where it counts and… Wait! No!! It’s not what you’re thinking! He’s a squatty potty — what’s he supposed to say?! Drop those pants? Spread ’em? Now for a shower of golden proportions??…

Hehe… *Happy thoughts, happy thoughts*


Ok. *Gulp*

You turn around so your butt is pointing at the squatty potty’s head, and he’s like, whoa there buddy…


No, no, not like that…

And you’re all



(…and now Momoko realizes she’s been doing it wrong all these years…&$%#@!…)

Now let Squatty break it down for you with another song:

こっちが まえ(前)! こっちが まえ(前)! ♪ Face this way! Face this way!
またいで(跨いで) パッ! ♪ And boom! Straddle it!
パッ! ♪ Boom!
そのまま ゆっくり しゃがむ(蹲む)よ ♪ Then slowly squat
おしり(お尻)が さがる(下がる) ♪ Lower your bum…

Lower… lower… lower… (Watch you’re balance! you do NOT want to fall down right now…)

*Drum roll*




All ready?

Yep! All set! Now it’s your time to shine!

うーん うーん

A couple of grunts, and… *Bombs Away!* …a juicy little poo pops out!


Yeah, it’s out! OMG! You did it!!

ぱぱぱらっぱっぱっぱー ♪



Woo HOO! Yeah! Look who’s squatting now!

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* Impressive. Now, young パンツマン, you are trained in the styles of both East and West. You have entered the narrow gate to deep cultural understanding. Soon you will be unstoppable!


Now any toilet will be へっちゃらちゃ!

Oh yeah, one more thing…

Now, ladies, if you have a hard time grunting like しまじろう in public…or farting…or even making the tiniest pee tinkle, you are in LUCK because the public restrooms for women in Japan are equipped with one of the most exciting, revolutionary technologies to grace this age — the…

☆*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜☆○o。音姫。o○☆゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆

(おとひめ) or “Sound Princess”! It’s a handy little device on the wall next to the toilet, and when you wave your hand like a beauty queen in front of the sensor, it continuously loops a flushing sound like a sparkling mountain stream so that the business that goes on in your stall, stays in your stall.

Check this baby out:

Classy, innit? This is, apparently, one of the carefully guarded secrets Japanese women have been keeping from Japanese men. So sorry guys… I guess you’ll have write a few petitions…make a few posters…go on a few strikes if you want to get some of this action. (Or go in drag… But that’s a お巫山戯 for another week…)

‘Til next time, happy squatting!

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  8 comments for “お巫山戯、日本語で: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Squatty Potty?

  1. kendo
    May 14, 2010 at 00:09

    you’re a funny girl momoko-sempai

  2. Drewskie
    May 14, 2010 at 01:55

    Definitely would’ve been a doin-it-wronger on that squatter if I hadn’t seen this. Whew!

  3. Brianna
    May 14, 2010 at 18:24

    I thought it was むぐむぐ?!

    The subtitles on this video are distracting and not really funny; I like Momoko’s interpretation better 😛

  4. アメド
    May 15, 2010 at 10:21

    this is not related to the article but this site is amazing that I found. It allows you to listen to conversations and of course it’s fully transcribed in Japanese.

  5. ニコラ
    May 18, 2010 at 21:26

    On the same topic ( kid stuff ), I just found a small video on youtube about a kid song really cute:

  6. Kimura
    October 19, 2011 at 14:38

    (That was supposed to be “What. Did. I. Just. Read.”… Doesn’t sound right 日本語で。。。)

    • 李便神
      August 16, 2012 at 15:45


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