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Why So Hurry, Grasshopper?

Trying to learn a language as fast as possible, so that what? So you can discard it and move on to the next language?

Trying to spend as little time as possible on a language, so that what? So you can go back to your “real” life?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you don’t particularly like her — the language, that is. Which seems a bit sad. So much fun to be had.

When you try to spend as little time as possible with a person, visiting seldom and staying briefly, it’s usually because you don’t like them, or you don’t like the things you do together. Or she’s an emotionally needy booty call; there’s that.


Don’t be so focussed on efficiency that you forget to have fun, to exist, to be. You don’t have to be good at a language to enjoy it and things in it. Enjoy the look, the feel, the sounds in your ears and on your tongue. It’s really a highly sensual experience, if you let it be. There’s so much there to amuse and occupy you.

Why be so clinical and detached? Why keep the language at arm’s length? Why not stay a while? Why not do something fun? Maybe you cuddle and make out for a few hours (lol). It’s a language, not a flu shot.

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